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Happy Birthday!

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LIONS We Serve

We Serve Our Community

From vision screening for K4 students, helping our seniors, free diabetes screening to supporting the local food bank, we serve. Our Clubs support countless other community services from the Boys & Girls Club and Scouting to our local senior centers.

We Serve Our Youth

Our Youth Exchange, unlike many others, is not conducted for the purposes of formal education or employment. We provide young men and women with a unique opportunity to experience another culture by being fully immersed into its daily lifestyle by living with a family.

We Serve Special Needs Children

Wisconsin Lions Camp for the handicapped annually serves 1500 vision-impaired, diabetic, deaf and cognitively impaired children with a summer camping experience.

We Serve the Visually Impaired

Lions have saved the sight of more than 15 million children by providing eye screenings, glasses and other treatments through Sight for Kids. Programs such as B.O.L.D. - Blind Outdoor Leisure Development - and Leader Dog are just a few or the ways we serve.

We Serve Worldwide

We are 1.4 million strong throughout the world supporting projects as diverse as large-scale global health programs to control and prevent diabetes to hearing aid recycling programs for children and adults and, of course, free eyeglasses made possible by your donations.

Will You Serve?

Lions serve on such a broad scale that you could not possibly do it all. Each Lion has an opportunity to choose how much time and when they can contribute. That can be as little as frying hamburgers once a year to being the International President overseeing the 1.4 million members worldwide.

About Us | Lionism

You probably know Lions as a group of hamburger frying – chicken dinner serving men wearing funny looking yellow vests that make money serving up the aforementioned gourmet delicacies. While this is a correct answer, it is only a miniscule part of who Lions are. For a more complete picture of who a Lion is, look in the mirror. Males and females of all ages; we all have the human need, to some degree, to assist other members of the human race. These are people such as you, 1.4 million strong throughout the world. That is who Lions are.

As Lions, we serve the human race at all points on the globe. Hurricane Katrina, tsunamis in the Far East, 9/11 have all be served by all Lions in spirit, physical exertion or financially. Even when help is not wanted and shooed away, as it was in the Myanmar flooding of 2008, because we, as Lions live there, assistance in for form of emergency supplies flowed effortlessly into the stricken communities while foreign governments offering aid were stymied offshore trying to gain entry.