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Lions International District 27-A2 Lion Services Page

Lions in Service

Since Lions Clubs International was founded in 1917, Lions have worked on projects designed to prevent blindness, restore eyesight and improve eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

Using State-of-the-Art tools, Lions Clubs, free of charge, screen pre-school and elementary school children for vision problems.

If you are interested in vision screening for your school or pre-school, please contact us for more information and scheduling. Contact Us

Six and one-half percent of Wisconsinites (330,000+) now have diabetes, and the incidence is growing at an epidemic rate. It is estimated that an equal number have diabetes, but have not yet been diagnosed. The direct and indirect cost of diabetes in Wisconsin is counted in billions of dollars. Diabetes is the leading cause of new cases of blindness in people aged 20-74. Other diabetes complications include much higher incidences of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, kidney problems, nerve damage, and amputations.

Diabetes is a major focus of Lions International’s Lions Eye Health Program (LEHP), also known as SightFirst. Our Clubs offer free diabetes screening with the goal to improve awareness and education.

If you are interested in free diabetes screening for your organization or you are planning an event where we could offer screening, please contact us for more information and scheduling. Contact Us

Your local Lions Club work to fight hunger in many ways.

Our Clubs donate to your local food pantry, sponsor food drives to replenish your local food pantry, deliver meals to the elderly and much more.

Your local Lions Club partner with many other local organizations. Please join us in our mission to feed the hungry.

BOLD - Blind Outdoor Leisure Development, sponsors activities for people who are blind or visually-impaired. Each event is free of charge to attendees and their guides.

BOLD is sponsored by Lions, Lioness, and Leo Clubs of Districts 27-A1 and 27-A2 of Southeastern Wisconsin, people like you and area businesses.

To learn more, connect with BOLD.

Lions Peace Poster contest was created to showcase the importance of world peace to young people everywhere. More than 400,000 students worldwide, ages 11-13, submit posters to be considered for the grand prize or one of the contest’s 23 merit awards.

To learn more about how your school can participate, contact your local Lions Club.

Lions have many programs for our youth. From our Leos Youth Club to our Youth Exchange Program, we work to encourage young people to serve their communities. Lions Scholarships is one way to reward those youths that make a positive impact on our community by helping the best of our graduating seniors with the cost of continuing education.

Good grades are just part of what makes a great student. Giving of one's self by participation in community service is another.

To learn more about scholarship requirements and to apply, contact your local Lions Club.

Giving the gift of life.

Your local Lions Club, in partnership with other local organizations, sponsors community blood drives year round.

To learn more about when and where you can participate, contact your local Lions Club.

The Youth Camp and Exchange Program (YCE) brings the ideal of global citizenship to life.

Each year this program gives thousands of young people the opportunity to experience life in other cultures and gain new understanding of the world through travel abroad. Unlike some youth exchange programs, YCE does not involve academic study or employment.

Your local Lions Club sponsors participants. Many Club families will serve as host families for youth. Participants are encouraged to use this travel opportunity to represent their home countries and share their own culture while learning about and embracing a new one. Activities for exchanges can include visits to places of cultural or natural interest, sporting events, country presentations by participants, guided discussion, and even engagement in local service projects alongside Lions club members.

To learn more about Lions Youth Exchange program, contact your local Lions Club.

“Blind kids can’t go to outdoor camps and stuff like that …”

This remark by a blind teenager started it all more than 57 years ago. That chance comment, overheard by a Lions Club member, has turned dream into reality for as many as 70,000 campers with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. In a typical year, campers representing some 400 different communities attend.

Wisconsin Lions Camp serves those campers that are blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, cognitively disabled or diabetics. Your support for Lions Club fund raising events help to support our Camp.

To learn more about Lions Camp or being a camper, contact your local Lions Club.

The Leo Club Program gives young people the opportunity to serve their communities and make a positive impact. They offer a great way to have fun, make new friends and develop valuable leadership skills.

Coach Jim Graver started the Leo ball rolling in 1957 and chances are that ball was a baseball. Graver was the baseball coach of the Abington High School in Pennsylvania, USA and an active member of the Glenside Lions Club. With help from his fellow Lion, William Ernst, the first Leo club was charted on December 5, 1957. Today, the Leo Club Program has over 6,500 clubs in over 140 countries.

Leos are between 12 and 18 years of age. To learn more about Leos, contact your local Lions Club.

For 75 years, Lions have supported Leader Dogs for the Blind, our clients and our canines. Our Clubs have contributed financially, identified people in their community who could benefit from Leader Dog’s services, assisted our clients in filling out applications and spread information about our programs throughout their hometowns.

Thanks to Lions generosity, all programs are provided free to clients, including meals and housing during training, travel and equipment..

To learn more about Leader Dogs for the Blind, contact your local Lions Club or

The Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin, Inc., a nonprofit 501(c)3, is a team of professionals and volunteers dedicated to the mission of restoring the Gift of Sight through recovery and transplantation of corneas, as well as research to advance the knowledge/treatment of eye diseases.

The Lions Club Transporters are essential to the successful operation of the Lions Eye Bank of Wisconsin. Thanks to their time and efforts, locally transported tissue is performed via a relay system with participating Lions clubs throughout the state. In 2015 alone, over 800 pieces of eye tissue were relayed within the state of Wisconsin completely free of charge courtesy of your local Lions Club.

To learn more about becoming a Transporter, contact your local Lions Club or

Lions Eyeglass and Hearing Aid Recycling Center, located in Rosholt, Wisconsin, last year processed over 800,000 pairs of glasses with over 450,000 pairs being sent to 49 different developing countries. Eyeglasses received at the eyeglass facility at Lions Camp are sorted, cleaned, categorized, bagged, and boxed in preparation for shipment to developing countries.

Hearing Aids recycling has become an important part of our program. You can drop-off your used hearing aids at any of our local Lions recycling boxes or contact our Hearing Preservation Chairperson with the subject "Hearing Aid Tax Deduction" for instruction on making your donation tax deductible.

For the location of our Lions Recycling Boxes

“Blind kids can’t go to outdoor camps and stuff like that …”

This remark by a blind teenager started it all more than 57 years ago. That chance comment, overheard by a Lions Club member, has turned dream into reality for as many as 70,000 campers with disabilities throughout Wisconsin. In a typical year, campers representing some 400 different communities attend.

Wisconsin Lions Camp serves those campers that are blind and visually impaired, deaf and hard of hearing, cognitively disabled or diabetics. Your support for Lions Club fund raising events help to support our Camp.

Visit the Lions Camp website

The Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Inc. (WLF) is a charitable non-profit Wisconsin Corporation organized and maintained by the Lions of Wisconsin and is in charge of all statewide service and fund-raising activities. The Foundation began in 1956 as the administrative arm to the Wisconsin Lions Camp. The Foundation now has a total of six statewide projects; The Wisconsin Lions Camp, the Eyeglass Recycling Center, Diabetes Education, the Hearing Program, Vision Screening, and Youth Projects.

In mid-2011, the WLF Board of Directors voted to establish two separate 501(c)(3) corporations, one being the Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc.

“The sole purpose of Lions Pride remains the same: to preserve and protect and provide significant financial support to further the exempt projects of the Wisconsin Lions Foundation, Inc.” While separate corporate entities, the parties will always share common interest in the projects of WLF and those they serve. The Lions Pride Endowment Fund of WI, Inc. “Today’s Help, Tomorrow’s Hope.

Prospective donors may wish to consider a variety of available tax-advantaged and other giving options.

Every day, 400 people die from measles. That’s more than 145,000 per year and more than one million in 10 years.

Measles is a highly contagious disease. The virus spreads quickly through coughing and sneezing. When one person has measles, 90 percent of the people they come into close contact with will become infected if they are not already immune. Measles immunity comes through either previously being vaccinated against the disease or through previously contracting it.

LCIF and Lions have promised to raise US$30 million by 2017 in support of measles vaccination around the world. When we reach that goal, Gavi’s matching fund will provide an additional US$30 million, for a total of US$60 million! The safe and effective measles vaccine costs only about US $1.00.

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in strengthening democracy, promoting civil liberties, and adding richness and diversity to community life. Over the course of its history, Lions Clubs International has provided a strong, collective voice to inform and influence public policy at the local, state and national level. Lions Clubs International continuously works to highlight issues affecting the community and align public policy initiatives to address civic-social needs. Through advocacy, Lions can inform their elected officials of specific social concerns and help policy makers find specific solutions to persistent problems.

Learn more about

Lions Clubs are the backbone of our Lions organization.

While each Club may have different programs tailored to their respective communities, we also work together as a team to tackle larger projects. We're here to help so, when in doubt, contact our District office. We will work to find the correct resources for you.

District 27-A2 office.

You can support your local Lions Clubs and our various programs and services in many ways.

From working as a helper at one of our Vision Screenings to a BOLD guide for a Visually Impaired Person at an event, volunteering your time to help is always welcome. You can also provide monetary support for specific Club, District, State, National or International programs. Donate your old eyeglasses and hearing aids and the list goes on and on.

Learn more about the many different ways you can support Lions.

Contact your local Lions Club to learn more about how you can help in your community.

Show the world your support with the Leader Dogs for the Blind credit card from Chief Financial Credit Union! Earn rewards for yourself and increase the Share the Rewards monthly donation to Leader Dogs for the Blind with every purchase.

Chief Financial Credit Union will donate a percentage of all of your monthly purchases to Leader Dogs for the Blind – automatically! There’s nothing to sign up for and no qualifications to meet. No annual fee, Zero fraud liability, Purchase security and extended protection and Return protection.

Learn how you can get your own Leader Dog VISA.

In addition to recycling your old eyeglasses and hearing aids, the Lions are involved in the community in many ways. Our focus areas are sight and hearing and children’s causes. Each year clubs host fund raising events to support our various services.

We are most proud of our sight and hearing work where we offer free hearing and vision tests throughout the community. Each year using state of the art equipment, we test children and adults in the community for hearing loss, glaucoma and other sight related problems.

Our Clubs also perform hands-on community service through Lions Crew at Work projects, including building wheelchair ramps, painting a shelter for the homeless or repairing a public park or playground.

As Transporters for the Wisconsin Lions Eye Bank, we transport corneas to and from our main medical facility. There, they recover, evaluate, store and distribute human eye tissue for vision restoration, research and education. Eye surgeons rely on eye banks to supply them with tissue for sight-saving procedures.

Our health programs to control and prevent diabetes and diabetic retinopathy, the leading cause of vision loss in adults.

We do so much more but the best way to learn about What We Do is be a guest at a Club's monthly meeting. We welcome guests with open arms.

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